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Welcome D75 CEC Reps 

CECs are composed of volunteer parents and community leaders who are responsible under state law for supporting their local district schools with the goal of raising student achievement. Please use this page as as support guide and reference as you support the work of District 75 for our families and communities. Please sign up to stay abreast of any updates, supports or council information. 

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CEC Member Guide 

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Best Intake Practice 

For all intakes, ask for names, address and contact info (phone#, email or

both) If we don’t have that info, we can’t follow up.

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District 75 Departments 

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D75 Leadership

Additional D75 Supports

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Disability Councils by Boro

School Visits 

CEC Capital Planning School Visits

Education Councils have important responsibilities that require school visits. CEC members need access to schools to assess the condition of the facilities so that they can recommend capital improvements. School visits should promote collaboration, understanding, and partnership with families and the community. The procedure through which Education Council members request school visits is governed by Section I of Chancellor's Regulation D-130. CEC official school visits related to the capital planning process should take place from October to December, and can be held in-person, provided that the visit is held outside of school hours and that CEC member(s) are in compliance with DOE’s visitor policy, including the vaccination requirement (see above). All official visits by CEC members can be held virtually via video- conference, upon request by the CEC. If an Education Council member contacts a principal or superintendent to request an official visit, it is important that a mutually agreed upon scheduled time is reached in advance of the proposed visit. If the Education Council member only reaches out to a principal, the principal must notify both the Superintendent, and FACE Executive Director, that a request has been granted. CEC School Visits as the SLT Liaison CECs are responsible for assessing the effect of the district’s educational programs on student achievement, evaluating the superintendent, and liaising with SLTs, all which require contact and access to the district schools. While CEC members can attend SLTs as members of the public, if a CEC member wants to attend as the SLT liaison, a request to the principals or superintendent must be made in advance. If the SLT meeting is being held in a “hybrid” format, the CEC member may attend in-person, provided that they are in compliance with DOE’s visitor policy, including the vaccination requirement.        Education Council members should study school data and statistics before the meeting takes place. It is important to ensure that the school's parent leadership is aware of the CEC visits. As liaisons to the SLT, CEC members may attend and observe SLT meetings or consult with SLT members to learn more about the school, particularly in preparation for a school visit. It is important that we promote collaboration, understanding, and a willingness to improve our partnership with our parents and community. We know parent and school leaders want to help parents navigate and understand schools and we want to be part of that solution. Please direct any questions or concerns to and

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District 75 School Directory  

Click Below for a full listing of D75: 

How to Read the School and Program Name

District 75 classes are held in community schools and in self-contained school buildings throughout the city. You can tell where a District 75 class is held by the name of the program. For example, P169M@P102M means that the program, P169M, is a District 75 program in Manhattan, and it is held at P.S. M102 in Manhattan.

Also, each borough is notated by a letter:

  • X stands for the Bronx

  • K stands for Brooklyn

  • Q stands for Queens

  • M stands for Manhattan

  • R stands for Staten Island

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